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The Knockout Katy Dee

Katy Dee is an artist & print designer based on the mid north coast of Australia.

She studied art and textiles at school and went to the London College of Fashion to complete her diploma before going on to do her bachelors degree in Three Dimensional Design specialising in glass. 

Katy creates original, fun, bold & playful artworks on a variety of mediums such as canvas, wood and paper as well as creating digital illustrations. Inspired hugely by colour and more often than not, flowers and their plant pals. She finds nature incredible, especially where she lives on the Coffs coast. She acknowledges how lucky she is to live in such a rich and diverse place with the native flowers and tropical blooms to enjoy.

Her style is bold, colourful & fun.

Fashion, art and food are her favourite ways to express herself. Katy's style across all of them reflects this same playful theme. Her art is increasingly becoming an extension of her and what she wants to put out into the world.

Copyright: Katy Dee (2023) 

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