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At Makenna, we are passionate about bringing joy and colour into your wardrobes. We are a vibrant clothing studio dedicated to creating fun, bright and cheerful quality garments to all the lovely ladies out there, all the while ensuring our activities are done in a sustainable and ethical way. 


We put a lot of care into bringing high quality fabrics and environmentally sustainable fibres to you. ​ ​


We also believe in supporting and promoting independent artists, using our clothing as a canvas for their works. By partnering with these artists, we infuse their unique artistic styles and imaginative designs into our clothing collection, making each piece a wearable work of art. From whimsical patterns to eye-catching illustrations, our prints are sure to captivate and inspire.

When you choose Makenna, you not only get to wear clothing that reflects your vibrant personality but also contribute to a more sustainable and artistically diverse fashion industry. Join us in our quest to add a touch of brightness and cheer to the world, one fashionable piece at a time.

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