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Hey there! 

A little self introduction

MAKENNA STUDIO is a Singaporean label, focused on vibrant printed ladieswear. Her playful designs feature bold colours, fun prints and are made for a comfortable fit.

MAKENNA STUDIO is committed to be a sustainable and ethical label. Each garment is designed by MAKENNA STUDIO and made either in-house or by very small, audited manufacturers. She obsesses over the use of only natural only for her clothing and packaging, and never plastics and polyester. 

There are two categories of clothing at MAKENNA STUDIO.



MAKENNA believes that we can uplift each other through collaborations. We partner independent artists and makers from around the world to bring you a beautifully designed and made garment. This not only supports the artists and makers but brings unique prints that cannot be found elsewhere into our wardrobes. 


Combining her love of fabric and to hand-create things, MAKENNA STUDIO also handmakes pieces in her home studio in sunny Singapore. She curates sustainably sourced fabrics from local and overseas shops. She also upcycle fabric from beloved second-hand stores to give them a new breath of life. 

MAKENNA STUDIO makes you happy

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