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Made Consciously


Our garments are made in Singapore, Vietnam and China. 


​For garments made in China, these are made in Wuxi and Guangdong. The factories we partner with are small enterprises of less than 50 skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who work predominately with European and Australian clients. These enterprises participate and submit annual independent audits and certifications that ensures our garments are made under safe, fair, ethical conditions that are environmentally compliant. The audit process covers over 100 questions, covering a range of checks ranging from wages, working conditions, to environmental and occupational health and safety checks. The audit process also involves multiple interviews with both employees and management.

All employees are paid on time each month, receive wages per hour and are paid above the living wage in China. They receive overtime compensation of 150% for weekdays, 200% for weekends and 300% for public holidays, and all employees receive social insurance and paid sick leave. 

The factories operates one 8-hour shift days, 5 days a week and employees have a 1 hour break time each day. To ensure each individual maintains a healthy work-life balance, it is mandatory for each employee to have at least 1 rest day a week. 


For dresses made in Vietnam, these are made in Ho Chin Minh. We work directly with the seamstresses who are a family based business, operating from home. We pay them directly for every dress they make, ensuring they are significantly above living wages. We met them while travelling in Vietnam 2023 and hope that our partnership would be able to uplift their family lives and create a sustainable income for them. 


For dresses made in Singapore, they are made by the founder of MAKENNA STUDIO herself in her home on weekday nights and weekends, usually while listening to Netflix. 


Over billion garments made each year are never sold. At MAKENNA STUDIO, each print is made in small quantities. Having limited stock ensures there is no over supply of our clothing which would result in waste and also gives the wearer an exclusive piece to love. 


MAKENNA STUDIO loves clothing made with natural and eco-friendly fibres as they are breathable, sweat absorbent, feels great and looks great - perfect for summer weather all year round. Absolutely no polyester here. We focus on using linen and rayon fibres that have been certified to be sustainably and ethically sourced, that is also safe for you. 


cotton usa.png



From the choice of eco-friendly fabric to compostable packaging materials, we try our utmost best to minimise our ecological footprint and avoid the use of plastic.


Our packaging is consciously designed to be minimal. In lieu of a plastic polybag for each garment, we use a cotton-linen inner bag to protect your garments. This is then placed in a mono-colour recyclable kraft paper mailer to be shipped to your loving arms. We chose a compact, slim mailer instead of a box to minimise transit emissions by reducing the space each parcel takes up in transit. Paper hang tags are also used instead of plastic tags. 

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